Do you only sell helmets?

We only have helmets at the moment; we are working hard to bring in more innovative gears to our consumers at an affordable price.

Stay Tuned!


How often should I replace my helmet?

Dux Outdoors generally recommends replacing your helmet every three years. 


What kind of warranty does my helmet come with?

Any Dux helmet determined by Dux to be defective in materials or workmanship within one year from the date of original purchase will be repaired or replaced. However, you must retain proof of purchase. You can Contact Us. 


I want different Sunglasses for my helmet?

We offer 3 different basic shades and 3 different reflective shades for your Dux Helm. 


What if my helmet gets damaged?

If your helmet is visibly damaged, PLEASE do not use it. Once a helmet is damaged, the helmet’s protective capacity may have been used up during impact. It is strongly recommended that you replace your helmet, as its protective capacity will not protect your head for the second time or significantly reduced.


Can I draw or paint (solvent based) my helmet?

Dux Outdoors does not recommend drawing or paints of any kind be used on the helmets. There is possibility that its protective capabilities may significantly reduced.
We are working on a solution where pre-made art work can be applied to the existing helmet, so stay tuned.


How do I store my helmet?

Allow the helmet to air dry it in a cool and dry place after each use. 


How do I clean my helmet?

Many commonly available cleaners are based on Petroleum solvent which can be damaging to helmets. For best result, clean the helmet using a soft cloth or sponge, warm water and mild soap. 

Does my prescription glasses fit over my helmet?

It's hard to say with 100% confidence that your prescription glasses will fit over our 3R lens system. But, yes it does work with some of the prescription glasses. There are variety of factors affecting whether our 3R lens system will work with your glasses, such as the shape of your glasses, curvature of your glasses frame and the shape of you face. 

Return Policy?

We offer comprehensive 45 days return policy. Please send us an email at sales@duxhelm.com regarding return inquiry. 

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